Michael Watkins is the man behind The Fence Guy of Louisville and he believes that trusting someone to complete any work in or around your home begins with knowing a little about them.  That is what this page is about.

Born in Lexington and living most of his early years in a small town just outside Fayette County he would later attend college at Eastern Kentucky University where he majored in Emergency Medical Care (Paramedic) and Philosophy, an interesting combination to be sure.

He spent fourteen years working as an EMT/Paramedic in a few communities in central Kentucky with the highlight of his career being the time he worked in Afghanistan as a contracted paramedic supporting the military and later as Sr. Paramedic for an oil company in Saudi Arabia.  These opportunities allowed time for travel to several other countries as well as a chance to see life through a much larger lens.RRGClimbing1

Today Mike lives in Louisville and enjoys bringing  life back to foreclosed homes as well as riding his motorcycle and reading philosophy on lazy summer days.  Recently he has started woodworking and a few of the things he has built, along with several fence projects, can be found on The Fence Guy of Louisville’s Google Places page.  In the fall you can find him hiking many of Kentucky’s beautiful trails, especially in the Red River Gorge area.  His fence building skills come from both his father and uncle, the latter owning a large successful fence company in the Lexington area, who taught him a trade that early on helped him support himself while attending college and today allows him to work a schedule that brings greater work/life balance.

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